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✔️ School-wide digital library
✔️ Simplified sub teaching
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"It saves me hours every week. One of the best decisions I've made for my business."
Nick Tucker - Spark Music Studio

LessonMate gives your studio superpowers ⚡️

Streamline your studio by offering a hassle-free makeup lesson solution, a weekly student practice log, a digital library for both teachers and school, easy substitute teaching management and integration with studio management systems.

Makeup lesson solution

Create and deliver personalized makeup lessons during the missed lesson time.

Weekly practice log

Keep detailed notes of student's progress, including videos and other docs.

Teacher digital library

Create and manage a personal digital library of videos, PDFs, audio and other files.

School-wide digital library

Create and manage teaching-training materials, student digital handouts and more.

Studio dashboard

Admins can manage students, families and teachers from one central studio dashboard.

Secure student access

Families get secure and private access to all their student's lessons and videos.

Full transparency

Admins have full visibility of all lessons created and files uploaded by teachers.

Simplified sub teaching

Sub teachers use the weekly progress logs to provide high quality substitute lessons.

Easy API integration

Integrate with your studio management software through our easy API and webhooks.

Makeup lesson solution

Traditional makeup policies have real costs

Reschedule credits policy

Families are too busy to schedule live makeups and good, quality teachers expect to be paid for every scheduled lesson.

Group makeups policy

Group makeups are an inefficient use of space, require scheduling teachers, have low attendance and are usually ineffective music education.

'No makeups' policy

A “No Makeup” policy leads to annoyed parents, disengaged students and a stressed front desk. Retention will suffer as a result.

Refund policy

Refunds have no educational value and they're a big financial cost to your studio. They eventually lead to a devaluation of your program.


Our makeup lesson solution in 3 simple steps

1. Students misses a lesson

A student is unable to make their scheduled lesson time. No notice required!

2. Teacher creates makeup

During the scheduled lesson teacher creates a makeup with video, text, PDFs and images.

3. Student is notified

A lesson reminder is sent to the family with a private link to the lesson - no login required!

LessonMate is the simplest way to connect and engage students every time they miss!

Easily create and deliver video lessons during the missed lesson time. No rescheduling, refunds or awkward conversations - just teaching!Click here to see an example lesson ➔

"If you're not guaranteeing your families value for every dollar they spend and guaranteeing your teachers pay for every hour they're scheduled to work, student and staff retention will be compromised."

It's time for a modern solution to the missed lesson







Weekly Practice Log


Keep students and families on track with online access to personalized weekly practice notes.


Share weekly practice notes and ongoing curriculum with your students and families.


Everyone knows what's going on in lessons at all times. Everyone stays on track.


Families see consistent student progress week after week, month after month.

Teacher Digital Library


Teachers record and upload videos, sheet music and more to share with students again and again.


Video, audio, images, PDFs. Upload anything! All file types are supported.


Add uploads to custom folders to stay organized. Use the filters and keywords to search.


Reuse lesson content again and again to save time and improve teaching consistency.

Music studios have already delivered over 1 million lessons using LessonMate!

School-wide Digital Library


Create and manage teaching-training materials, student digital handouts and more.


Admins can share any type of files (videos, PDFs, images, links, etc) with teachers through the School Library.


Teachers can view and download the files, and add them to their own library to share directly with students!


Share digital handouts, important links and more with students via the teacher's regular lessons.

Studio Dashboard


Use the studio dashboard to manage user accounts, private and group classes and more.

Students & Families

Create and manage family accounts with multiple students per family.

Teachers & Classes

Create and manage teacher accounts and assign private and group classes.

Admin Accounts

Create extra admin accounts for your front desk staff to manage studio resources.

Secure Student Access


Families and students get secure, password-protected access to all their lessons.

Secure Access

Family and student access is secure and password-protected for peace of mind.

Lesson History

Families and students can see all previous lessons in easy chronological order.

Profile Settings

Families can update personal details like email and password from their own profile page.

Full Transparency


Admin users have full visibility of all content created by teachers for students and families.

View All Activity

Every lesson, file upload and message sent to families and students is visible to admins.

Sign In As User

Admins can sign in as any family or teacher to get full visibility of that account.

User Permissions

Admin, teacher and family accounts can be locked or unlocked at any time.

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We'll even import all your student and teacher data for free!

Simplified Sub Teaching


Sub teachers use the weekly progress logs to provide high quality substitute lessons.


Control which teachers can sub, and which can be subbed using the simple admin settings.


Sub teachers see all the student's recent lessons and can use their own library.


Families and students get a consistent lesson plan when a different teacher subs.

Watch how LessonMate can transform your studio ➔

See how LessonMate can free up teaching space, save front desk time and increase profits!

Nick Tucker, Director
Spark Music Studio, Minneapolis

Easy API Integration
(coming soon)

Integrate with your studio management software through our easy API (coming soon).

API Access

Send data from your studio management software to LessonMate through Zapier, Make and other services.


LessonMate sends webhook data to any URL you choose when important things happen in the app.


Keep your LessonMate family, student and teacher data up to date with your studio management software.

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Founder's Story

LessonMate was born out of necessity.My wife and I have been private music teachers for our entire adult lives. We’ve taught in every situation imaginable - out of our home, out of students homes, in studios and in schools.In 2008 we opened Bloom School of Music and Dance in Los Angeles, CA. We soon recognized a problem that went on to quietly plague us for years. It became a central challenge at our school:"What to do when students miss lessons?"We had always felt the impact of missed lessons, but owning a school made the issue that much more painful. Staff were rescheduling lessons. Teachers were teaching live makeups. As owners, we were parsing out credits and refunds. And worst of all, students who missed lessons were not getting the info they needed to stay engaged.It was time for a change.First we muddled together a solution of YouTube, Gmail and file-sharing services. Finally we decided to face the problem head-on. We designed an all-in-one platform tailor-made for missed lessons. With the aid of our trusty developer, Dan, LessonMate was born. Since then it’s helped studios from Anchorage to Australia solve the missed lesson conundrum.If you’re looking for an easy win for your school, check out LessonMate free for 14 days. I think you’ll like it as much as we do.

Dave Hemann


Laura Porter


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