Students who understand what to practice, stay in lessons. No one ever quit because they got better.

"LessonMate is an immensely helpful tool for me as a guitar instructor. I love the ability to share and save helpful information such as song links, sheet music, chord charts, and videos."

Lucas Martinez, Los Angeles
Lucas Martinez, Los Angeles

Here’s how LessonMate engages your students no matter what the instrument

Create lesson notes that inspire 

Enhance every lesson with informative text, record personalized video and audio, add MP3s, PDFs, photos, YouTube videos and more. Regardless of instrument, connect more effectively with your students than ever before!

Store Everything

With the teacher library you can save, store and organize everything you use. Your personal teaching library in the cloud. Save recorded videos and audio, sheet music, text notes and web links from any source.


Once lesson notes are posted, a notification is sent directly to the family. Students can view their lesson journal anytime, anywhere and all lessons are archived so everyone will see the progress!

No More Make-Up Lessons

Still scheduling live make-ups for missed lessons? There has never been an answer to the missed lesson. Until now. Teachers use the scheduled lesson time to create a make-up featuring videos, text, audio clips and sheet music.  The LessonMate Make-Up. Good education. Good business.


How LessonMate works for teachers and students

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Teacher creates an assignment

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Records video, audio, attaches images, PDFs

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Notification is sent direct to the family

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Families can review their lessons anytime

5 Steps to Kickstart Communication

A Mini-Guide for Music Teachers

Learn how to boost student engagement and improve practice in 5 easy steps!

Why LessonMate?

  • Safe & Secure

    Teacher and student accounts and all lessons are password protected and can be securely accessed from any device

  • Fast & Easy

    Create lessons quickly from scratch or use previously created content from your teacher library.

  • Engaging

    Help students succeed and stay in lessons by helping them understand what to do during the week

  • Cost Effective

    Combine all your lesson documentation and communication tools and save both time and money

Start Your 30-Day Free Trial

All pricing plans include –

Free Setup

Unlimited Lessons

Unlimited Uploads

Solo Teacher
1–50 Students $19/month
Studios – Unlimited Teachers
1–100 Students $49/month
101–250 Students $79/month
251–500 Students $129/month

More than 500 students? Every additional 100 students is an extra $25/month. That's just 25¢ per student per month!


Which plan should I choose?

You will always be charged for the right plan based on the number of teachers and students. You can try out LessonMate with just one teacher and be charged for the Solo plan, adding the rest of your teachers and students at a later time.

What's free setup?

If you use studio management software like Studio Director, Jackrabbit or MindBody we can import your data into your LessonMate account and get you up and running and creating lessons in no time.

People already love LessonMate

Vince Spezialy

Both our music & dance teachers use LessonMate. The more we use it, the more we're convinced it's another great tool to help us with student retention. We’re always looking for an “added value” for our families and more accountability from our teachers. LessonMate provides both. The whole team have been wonderful to work with.

Vince Spezialy
Anchorage Music & Dance Center
Jake Jamieson

LessonMate is the future of paperless music lessons! I am exponentially more efficient and have more productive lessons because my students and I have one source for all of their resources and I never have to worry about them losing or forgetting their materials. I would recommend LessonMate to any instructor who values ease of teaching, organization, and peace of mind!

Jake Jamieson
Drum Instructor, Los Angeles
Tina Booth

I use LessonMate as an alternative to missed lessons for my students. It's a win-win situation! My students still receive new material each week and I give fewer credits. My students have become very used to viewing their online lessons and will sometimes request a LessonMate to ease the pressure on their hectic family schedules. Everyone likes having the ability to pause the videos and view their lessons multiple times. The LessonMate staff responds quickly to my correspondence. I highly recommend LessonMate to music teachers!

Tina Booth
Piano Instructor, Charlotte, NC
Ryan Cullen, Director

We are loving the modern means of teacher-student-parent communication that LessonMate provides. So far we’ve created over 1,400 lesson notes with it, and we routinely get compliments from everyone about how nice it is to be able to have every lesson saved to reference in digital format. Support has also been great and they are always working on new features. And No More Make-Ups! 2 thumbs up!

Ryan Cullen, Director
Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts - 900+ students
Kristina Oreskovich, Director

LessonMate has been a life changer for our studio. We are able to run our studio without make-up lessons, so there are no more scheduling headaches. The teachers and students both love the database as it is simple to use and is convenient in every way. We love LessonMate!

Kristina Oreskovich, Director
PPA Studio School of Music


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