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What is LessonMate and who is it for?

LessonMate is a complete missed lesson system. It’s an online platform that allows private music teachers to create lessons for students who are absent, avoiding the hassles and headaches associated with the missed lesson.

LessonMate is for studios and teachers who’ve had trouble finding a simple, modern and educationally sound alternative to the traditional makeup lesson. It’s a completely maintenance free system that works for everyone - front desk, teachers and families.

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How do I explain LessonMate to my students and families?

Tell your families you’re introducing an entirely new and improved approach to missed lessons! There’s no rescheduling or advance notice required and they’ll get a customized online lesson created by their teacher any time they miss.

When the first lesson is made for each student they’ll receive their sign in information by email along with a brief video introducing LessonMate. They’ll receive an email for every subsequent lesson and they can see all their past lessons on one simple dashboard.

Do my students or families have to sign up for LessonMate?

These accounts are created and managed by your front desk staff. Your students and families won’t have to do thing! They’ll be notified by email when their teacher creates their first lesson. The email will contain a direct link to their lesson and login info to their very own LessonMate account.

Does LessonMate offer two-way communication between teacher and student?

No, it’s strictly one way communication - teacher to student. Students cannot message their teacher in any way through LessonMate. We’ve found this communication is best done in person or through the owner or front desk.

Is LessonMate easy for my families and students to use?

LessonMate only requires students to have access to the internet. Nothing to download, nothing to sign up for. It works on almost every modern smartphone, tablet and computer.

What about families with multiple students and students with multiple teachers?

Each family uses a single login to view all the lessons for their students, regardless of how many students they have or how many teachers their students have. This keeps everything clean and simple.

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Do my teachers need to sign up for LessonMate?

Your teachers do not need to sign up individually. Their accounts will be created and managed by you or your front desk staff. When they’re added to LessonMate they will receive a welcome email with their sign in details and links to example lessons and the demo lesson page.

Are there any example lessons for my teachers to see?

Yep! We have some example lessons that you, your teachers and staff can view and interact with to better understand how to create online lessons. View an example lesson.

How can I be sure my teachers will understand how to use LessonMate?

Some people do have challenges with technology. We get it. When you enter a teacher into your LessonMate account, they will receive emails explaining how to use LessonMate and some example lessons for them to reference. We promise that everyone will understand all the ins and outs of LessonMate!

When do my teachers create the online lessons?

Teachers create online lessons during the student’s normally scheduled lesson time. If Bobby misses his Monday 3:30 lesson, his teacher creates the lesson during that lesson time and the family receives the email right away. What could be easier!

What information will you send to my teachers?

We’ll introduce LessonMate and give them example online lessons to interact with. We’ll also give them the link to our demo lesson page so they can begin creating lessons even before they have their own teacher account. Once their account is created, they’ll get a series of emails about specific features, like recording and uploading video, and how to use them. We want your teachers to have all the info they need to hit the ground running.

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Can I see what LessonMate looks like without signing up?

You sure can! We have a demo lesson page for this very purpose. Just go to and give it a spin. If you click ‘Post Lesson’ you’ll be able to see what a lesson looks like to a student.

Is it cost effective?

Pricing starts at $49/month for studios, based on the number of students. We also have a $19/month plan for solo teachers.

There is a real cost in time, money for refunding lessons, scheduling and teaching live makeups/group classes. LessonMate is a low cost alternative that is good business and good education.

There's a 14-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it with no risk!

Can I cancel any time?

Sure! There's no long term commitment and you can cancel any time.

What is an 'active' student?

An active student is one assigned to a teacher or a class in LessonMate. Students not assigned don't count towards your total.

What help do I get transitioning to this new missed lesson policy?

We’ll help any way we can! We give your studio all the tools you need to move from your previous policy to the LessonMate policy. From feature tutorials and admin tips to student and parent communications about your new and exciting studio software, we’ll help to ensure the move is smooth and painless!

Do my teachers have access to student email addresses or other contact information?

Never. Teachers can only view their own student roster and the lessons they create for each student are sent automatically through the application. Teacher do not see any email addresses.

What kinds of schools are using LessonMate?

Music schools from all across the country are using LessonMate. Schools from under 100 to more than 1,000 students and multiple locations have all moved to LessonMate for their missed lesson policy!

How can I be sure my families will accept a change in policy?

Changing a policy can be a stressful thing, but we truly believe that LessonMate is an upgrade for everyone, regardless of your current missed lesson solution. Your students and families are going to get something of value every time they miss with LessonMate! We’ll make sure all your students and families have simple and easy access to their lessons and that your teachers know how to create compelling online lessons. This is exciting news and your families are going to truly appreciate your efforts.

What does my front desk need to do when a student misses a lesson?

Your front desk isn’t required to do anything when a student misses. If a student is absent, the teacher simply creates an online lesson and clicks ‘Post Lesson’. The email notification is automatically sent to the student and the lesson is added to their account. Your front desk staff no longer have to waste any time being involved in the makeup lesson process!

What access does my front desk staff to the data in LessonMate?

Through the admin dashboard, your front desk staff have full visibility of all the student and family data as well as all the files uploaded and lessons created by your teachers. It’s a truly transparent system with full accountability.

Can my front desk view the lessons my teachers create?

Yes, you and your front desk can view any lesson created along with any files in the lessons.

Can my front desk edit or delete the lessons my teachers create?

Yes, you and your front desk staff can edit or delete any lesson created by your teachers.

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What information do I need to enter to get started with LessonMate?

To get your studio up and running right out of the gate we offer a free import service for all of your student and teacher information.

Whatever studio management system you use, we can take your data and import it directly into LessonMate. We create your front desk, teacher and family accounts and add all your students and assign them to their teachers.

We also take care of any group classes you might have and assign students accordingly.

What devices are compatible with LessonMate?

Just about every smartphone, tablet and computer will work well with LessonMate. Make sure the device is up to date with the most current operating system and if you’re using a laptop or desktop we recommend using Chrome browser to record and upload video.

Do I need a special internet connection?

No, any standard internet connection should suffice. The core feature of LessonMate is recording and uploading videos. This is where internet speed will come into play the most.

Read more about the technical details here

Do my teachers and staff need special training to use LM?

No special training is required. As long as they can use a mobile phone or a computer they already know everything they need. We’ll send you, your teachers and your staff all the info they need to understand how to use LessonMate. It’s super easy and intuitive to use and we’re more than happy to personally show you around.

How secure is LessonMate?

LessonMate was built with security and privacy in mind. The website and web application are hosted with secure, industry-standard SSL encryption. Internally, every account from the school owner and admins to teachers and families are all password protected.

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